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Forgotten Tears - Words To End
TRR 001 - Combining elements of hardcore, melodic death metal, thrash, death and extreme metal with introspective lyrics and concepts, this album is the choice for a very large audience of metal fans today.


Within Your Pain - Ten Steps Behind
TRR 002 - Ten Steps Behind!!Ten steps in the other side of hardcore metal!


Tales Of Deliria - Beyond The Line
TRR 003 - Original thrash metal aggression mixed with scandinavian death metal atmospheres and brutal melodies.
An album whose lyrics try to describe the twisted powers of the net.


Ignition Code - NewTek Lie
TRR004 - Complex tempos, uncontrolled outburst, extreme breakdown, intense melodies!
This is the new album from Ignition Code: 10 tracks of melodic/math/death metal for a violent headbanging.

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