• Image of Terminal Sick / Amassado / Chronic Hate / Draugr

Terminal Sick - Nothing More
TRR008 - The new Italian metalcore expression!! Direct as a fist in your face.Ten tracks full of rage, violence, desire and hope.Show your knuckles, can you resist?

Amassado - Escravidao Subliminal
TRR007 - Welcome to a warped parallel world made of horror and aggression created by grinding powerful riffs, massive drum beats and aggressive vocals. An extreme mix of hardcore, metal, grind and industrial sounds.

Chronic Hate - Dawn Of Fury
TRR006 - 8 Tracks of aggressive Death Metal with massive sound, combining the old killer attitude with the modern blasting hate.

Draugr - De Ferro Italico
TRR005 - Reissue with new cover album!
A bombastic piece of epic/pagan/black metal featuring 10 tracks filled with the ancient italic spirit.

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